#1 Kids English Course

english letters, ABC
Master the alphabet, letters, and sounds
book, english letters, ABC
Learn vocabulary with correct pronunciation
Practice and improve speaking skills
figure, egg figure, sun ray, yellow figure, shape figure, sun ray, blue figure, triangle

You'll get:

🎧 Word cards
🧒 Children's dialogues
🧸 Educational cartoons
🎲 Learning games
🎉 And more!
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Learned a vocabulary of 120 words in the first week
avatar, girlSophia
5 years old
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Mastered 300 words within just one month
avatar, boyMartin
8 years old
rating, stars
Improved speaking and conversational skills
avatar, boyMark
11 years old
bear, toy, ABC shape, zigzag

What is TalkyStar

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Kid-friendly platform
game, controller
Game format
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100% safe for kids
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