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English For Children Ages 4 - 7

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Fun lessons, cartoons and interactive exercises to learn English as a second language. It's fun and easy!

Learn 300+ English Words with Flashcards

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Alphabet, colours, numbers, animals, food and more.
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Game format
Your child will watch learning cartoons and repeat English phrases. It's fun and very effective!
Kids' Game English Course TalkyStar
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1 minute a day
Each lesson lasts 5 minutes, and provides interactive dialogues for regular English practice. The curriculum is designed to leverage the power of repetition, recognizing that children learn best through repeated exposure to language patterns and concepts.
3 months of English
The curriculum is carefully designed to provide consistent practice over the course of the 3-month program. Within each interactive dialogue, children assume the roles of different characters and engage in tasks such as listening, repeating, reading, and speaking. These tasks aim to enhance their language skills and promote active engagement in the learning process.
Animated guides
Enjoy some free time, while your child learns with cheerful companions Tom and Tim. They inspire, motivate, and guide kids through lessons, offering rewards and clear explanations for each task.
Course structure
Grammar: pronouns  I, He/She
Grammar: verb  can
Grammar: verb  to be
Grammar: verb  to have
Grammar: verb  to like
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What is TalkyStar?
TalkyStar is a Game-Based Kids Course to master English speaking and listening.

In this course, we combine education and fun to create an engaging learning experience for children. Our team of experienced educators and game designers have collaborated to create a collection of interactive dialogues that make learning enjoyable and memorable.

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Is it safe for kids?
Yes! Our course ensures a safe and child-friendly online environment.
Are there translations?
Yes! There are translations into 10 languages: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Japanese.
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